Peace and Reconciliation

Bringing Peace to African Nations in Conflict

South Sudan

The world’s youngest nation, has been plagued by unrest since its inception. Sadly, news of violent outbreaks has become all too familiar in South Sudan. African Enterprise was among the first responders to offer aid to refugees when tribal violence began in 2013.

Since then we have been walking with the citizens of Juba by leading a grassroots movement of godly leadership through peace and reconciliation trainings. The results from these initiatives have been inspiring but it is clear there is still much work to do. With over 50 years of experience in evangelism and peace-building African Enterprise passionately believes in power of godly leadership in transforming nations.

“Our hope for South Sudan is that leaders will arise to lead the nation from fragmentation to unity, from despair to hope, from pain to healing.”


What We Do


AE is actively engaging grassroots and national leaders as well as church leaders to speak about Peace & Reconciliation and the value of Righteous Leadership. During our workshops we address the following issues:

  • The role of church, youth, women and civic leaders’ in peace building, & reconciliation in South Sudan.
  • Trauma Healing.
  • Psychosocial support for children and victims of conflicts.
  • God’s original intention for relationships.
  • The power of prejudice.
  • Alternative dispute resolution.
  • Stress Management especially for the police & military officers.


AE’s Impact at a Glance
  • Establishment of a National Prayer Breakfast in S.S.
  • Established Parliamentary Prayer Group
  • Rt. Hon. Antony Makana, Speaker of Parliament in South Sudan has formally requested that African Enterprise come alongside his parliament in the task of rebuilding and reconciling the nation.
  • AE has been granted land from the government and is establishing a Peace & Reconciliation School.



AE has been working with political leaders at both National and State Legislative Assemblies. We’ve played a pivotal role in planning and mobilizing the National Prayer Breakfast in Juba. As a result of this effort a group of Christian Parliament Members meet weekly to pray for peace in their nation.

Recently the new Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Antony Makana has formally requested that African Enterprise come alongside his parliament in the task of rebuilding and reconciling the nation of South Sudan and in enhancing good values for governance among its leadership.

What’s next?


African Enterprise has been granted land in Juba and is in the process of building a peace and reconciliation school. The School will give local students a chance to study theology and different trades as well as running peace and reconciliation training throughout the year for community leaders.


AE CEO, Stephen Mbogo said, “I see AE’s work in South Sudan increasing drastically in the coming days. I see our work being entrenched in the nation and bearing immediate and long term results.”


After attending the training, immanuel is changing his community!
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