Vulnerable Women Kenya - Beatrice's Story

AE Admin | June 19th, 2018

Beatrice’s story is a great example of the joy of Jesus working in people’s lives.

Through the Mathare Women’s Project, I have come to understand that despite my dropping out of school, God hasgifted me with potential and talents and through the skills I am learning, I can improve not only my own life but that of my children’s”. – Beatrice

When Beatrice was a teenager, she was struck by a strange illness that left her weak and unable to function. Living on a small farm on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, her parents didn’t know what to do. They took her to clinics and hospitals but no one could make a clear diagnosis. Drained of money, there was little left for basic necessities let alone school fees, and Beatrice was too sick to leave the house anyway. It wasn’t long before she dropped out of school entirely.

“My life was miserable – I kept thinking about my future and got more and more depressed”.

With an incomplete education, a background of poverty, and no formal training or job experience, Beatrice questioned what she had to offer. Her answer came some years later when she was introduced to African Enterprise’s Mathare Women’s Project. It was the chance of a lifetime.Beatrice Adhiambo

“I am learning dressmaking, design, customer relations!” she says excitedly. “I hope to use these skills to start a small dressmaking business and earn a living to improve my life and that of my family”.

“The Project has taught me that as Christians, we are called and expected by Christ to be his witnesses in the world” she says. “This has completely transformed my understanding about Christian ministry and I am now actively involved in evangelism and discipling other women in our church”.

Thanks to generous supporters such as you, Beatrice experienced a practical, tangible, life-changing transformation. Many other women in sub-Saharan Africa are suffering from a cycle of poverty, often with violence and emotional abuse, with no job prospects and without knowing the Grace of our Saviour.

The mission we ask you to partner with us on today is to provide vocational training and support so women and their families can make a positive contribution to their communities, all underpinned by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

This changes lives, like it did for Beatrice.

The critical interventions we carry out and the new hope we provide is made possible by gifting and prayer from supporters, who are committed to bringing about transformation in partnership with leaders and volunteers working where the need is so great.

Thank you for considering another wonderful donation.