Saved from the streets - Cynthia's Story - Ghana

AE Admin | May 12th, 2017

Cynthia, a recent graduate of AE’s Street Children Program, was overwhelmed by the demonstration of love from African Enterprise Ghana.

“I am very grateful that I can tell my story on how far the Almighty God has brought me. I am from a family of five and I was never able to attend school because my parents couldn’t afford the school fees. My parents were simple subsistence farmers and found it difficult to survive on what they produced.”

“When I was five years old, life became unbearable for my mother and she left me in the care of a friend to find work Accra, Ghana’s capital. Unfortunately, the woman I was left with greatly mistreated me and I still struggle to speak about the abuse I endured.”

Some time later, my elder sister came to my rescue and took me to live in a family compound house with several other relatives. When I turned 11, my uncle wanted to give my hand in marriage to an adult man who came looking for a wife (child marriage is very common Northern Ghana). I couldn’t bear the thought of marriage to a stranger so I fled to Accra in search of my mother.”

“I felt so forsaken by God and I would often pray and ask God for help”

Sadly, Cynthia never found her mother; her story is a very common one. Many young girls flee to large cities to escape child marriage or other abuses. They come hoping for better jobs which are rarely found. What is often found instead is poverty and even more vulnerability.

Cynthia joined a group of women who carry large loads on their heads through the market for money. The group offered her a place to sleep as well.

“After working in the markets, I eventually found a job at a cafe helping cook food and serve customers. The owner promised to send me to school if I worked for her long enough. I once reminded her of her promise and she sent me away with shouts and curses. I later found out that the little money she had saved for me was squandered by her husband. “

“My dream is to become a beads-maker but I  couldn’t save enough money for the training. I felt so forsaken by God and I would often pray and ask God for help. I always felt God was on my side but I was so discouraged.”

ghana, street kids, graduation, skills training

“One day, I was selling goods on the street when I saw a friend who had attended the African Enterprise Street Children Program. He directed me to the AE Office, where I went to tell my story and ask for help. After my interview and registration, I was told there were no funds for the project so I wouldn’t be able to attend. I was devastated again, however, I was promised that anytime funds were available the AE Team would call me. I continued my street selling so perhaps someday I could afford the training on my own.”


ghana, street kids, cynthia, skills training

Cynthia on graduation day

“Praise God, after a while, I was called by AE and was told the funding had come. I was enrolled in a bead making course and by the grace of God, I have now finished the training!”


“I am now saving up capital to begin my beads-making business, and I believe the God who saw me through all my hard times and my training will provide for my every need.”

“I am so thankful to the Almighty God for keeping me and seeing me through all these trials. To the donors who give toward this project, I pray and ask God to bless the work of your hands and keep you safe. Thank you, as well, to the AE Ghana office who used the money judiciously to give hope to people like me who need it most. Thank you!”

Because of you, Cynthia has hope for a better future. That opportunity was nearly lost due to lack of funding.

Please GIVE NOW so others like Cynthia can have the chance at a new life.

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