The Meru Mission Begins!

AE Admin | June 29th, 2018

The Gospel is Coming to Meru!

Today, the AE team and local volunteer evangelists will gather in Meru, Kenya to begin a week-long mission to the city. Meru Kenya is the sixth largest city in Kenya with a population of over 400,000 people. It is a hub for the Northeastern region of Kenya and many people have come to the city in recent years, looking for a better way of life.
African Enterprise held a mission in Meru town in 1994 when the town had a population of no more than 100,000 people. We are thankful t
hat the churches there have remained strongly connected to African Enterprise over the years and they are aching to see God move in their growing city again. We are so excited to see how God will move in Meru town this week. Please pray for the team!

“…They are aching to see God move in their growing city again”

2018-06-28-PHOTO-00000027The influence of Northern Kenya, which is predominately Muslim, has been a growing concern to the believers in Meru. The Muslim population of Meru is now at 10% and growing with many young people embracing Islam. Radicalisation is also a concern due to high unemployment of youth in the city. AE will be partnering with local organizations that have expertise in Muslim outreach and the local mission volunteers will be trained on how to speak with Muslims.

A University Town

Meru is a University town with over 20 Universities and colleges. It is the regional hub for education and strategically placed in making maximum impact with the Gospel. The majority of the Meru Mission will focus on reaching students in the universities as well as high schools and primary schools.

Community Development

2018-06-28-PHOTO-00000030In addition to the week-long outreach, the ministry teams will be preaching in the Meru GoK prison which houses over 1300 inmates. The teams will be bringing mu
ch-needed supplies like soap to the inmates and will share the Gospel with them.
We will also be ministering in the Majengo Slums and teaching the people there about the importance hygiene and sanitation, a lesson that is often taken for granted elsewhere in the world but is of utter importance for those living in such difficult circumstances.

“Pray that hearts would be melted by the love of Christ and that the city would be deeply impacted by the Gospel.”
Let’s Go!

As the teams arrive today and begin training and some outreach, please pray for them. Ask God to reach down and touch the city of Meru with his Love. Pray that hearts would be melted by the love of Christ and that the city would be deeply impacted by the Gospel. Pray that the good roots that remain from AE’s mission in 1994 would spring to life and bring forth a huge harvest for God’s Kingdom to His glory!

Stay tuned for updates as we receive them from the field and please consider giving toward the Meru Mission. Your gifts make missions like this possible.