Malindi Christians are unstoppable!

AE Admin | May 15th, 2017

PTC Training is preparing Malindi, Kenya Christians for next months mission!

From the very beginning of AE’s Malindi Mission preparation, the local church has been unstoppable. They are boldly grasping the mission and evangelism training and running into the streets to share the Gospel with their city. Many people have already come to the saving knowledge of Christ and the mission only begins on June 1st!

Malindi, Kenya is located on the southeast coast and is known for its white sand beaches and its touristy hotels. However, for AE this city is a strategic point in the nation to saturate with the Gospel. The local church has welcomed the AE team and have shown their thirst for a deeper knowledge of how to reach their city.

AE Kenya’s Malindi Mission will take place from June 1 – 11th. In anticipation, AE has been preparing the town’s Christians for a Gospel impact; training pastors, women and youth leaders from various churches, and scouting out for social action needs – bringing new souls to Christ in the process.


March and April have been busy months: the mission hasn’t even started and already the Gospel is changing lives!

“The last two weeks have been a time of transformation,” said senior pastor Dominic Kobia, of Malindi Evangelism Church.

“This course will definitely transform my ministry and preaching.”

He was one of 40 pastors recently trained in Biblical Theology through AE’s Preliminary Theological Course (PTC), offered in partnership with Moore Theological College in Australia. This course offers solid, Biblical teaching to the pastors of Kenya, many of whom have never had the opportunity for formal training in understanding the Scriptures.

“As we went through the material, I realized I had a lot that I did not know,” said Pastor Dominic. “This course will definitely transform my ministry and preaching.”

One of the main aims of the pre-mission preparations is to empower local pastors and church leaders with theological skills so that they can be effective in evangelism.

“The PTC has been an eye opener to me,” said Jackline Karwitha, who serves in her church leading groups for women and children. “I have never gone through a theological training before and now I realize that I have been interpreting the Scriptures inappropriately!” she said. “Through the course, I have gained a lot of knowledge and will now be preaching the word of God as it is supposed to be preached.” 

In addition to these 40 church leaders, nearly 200 women and 250 young leaders from over 70 churches in Malindi came together for several evangelism training seminars. The effect was powerful.


“This has been one of the most transformative trainings I have attended,” said Mary Indiek. “The message on evangelism and how we, the women leaders, have to take a central role in conducting evangelism, has been a key highlight. There are so many methods of evangelism that are relevant in our town that we have not been using and yet they can be so impactful and fruitful.” 

“He and his team shared the Gospel with 26 people and 12 received Jesus as their Savior.”

Pastor Reuben Musau attended the youth summit and was particularly moved by the training session on ‘night hunting’, where evangelists visit bars and street corners to bring the hope of Jesus to prostitutes, nightclub goers, bar watchmen and so on. After the training, Pastor Reuben gathered a team from his church and went out for two nights along Lamu road in Malindi to do some night hunting. He and his team shared the Gospel with 26 people and 12 received Jesus as their Savior. Pastor Reuben has kept in touch with each of them and five of the 12 attended their first Sunday service on 23rd April.

The Holy Spirit is moving people’s hearts already.

During a fact-finding visit to some of the poorer areas of Malindi, AE discovered that many families do not have access to toilets or washing facilities and are struggling with sanitation and health issues as a result. The AE team hopes to help these communities and told the people there the reason for their visit – that it is the Gospel of Christ which motivates them to act in love. Eight people came to the Lord as a result and have since joined the local church.

In these powerful ways, Malindi is already being transformed by the saving grace of God. Pray that this Gospel impact would continue on through the mission; may the fire of the Gospel keep igniting in the hearts of Malindi’s people!