Foxfires Take On Africa!

AE Admin | March 16th, 2017

2017 Foxfires begin ministry across Africa!

“The Foxfires are a model of Biblical evangelism, a continuation of the book of Acts; they are Christians dressed to blend in with the local culture, going to the people, living with them, working side-by-side with them, crying with, rejoicing and caring for them. They are simply sharing Jesus with them.” This was the initial vision in 1979 and since then, the Foxfires have caught light and their fire has spread in ways we could not have imagined.

Foxfires performing for a crowd followed by a Gospel presentation

Foxfires performing for a crowd followed by a Gospel presentation

In 1980, the first African Enterprise Foxfires were born. The program trains often disadvantaged youth in evangelism and mission, then are set lose to spread the fire of the Gospel through their communities. Once only in Zimbabwe, The Foxfires now operate as four separate AE programs in four different countries; Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa.

After receiving a two-month training in their respective countries at the beginning of the year and serve the Lord in full-time evangelism for the rest of that year. This year’s Foxfires are already on the move and we’re looking forward to seeing how God moves through them.

Bongani’s Story

Bongani's StoryBongani Ramongange grew up as an orphan; his mother abandoned him when he was a tiny baby, and his father died a few years after that. He was raised by his father’s family.

I had questions growing up, as to why my mother would leave me when I was just days old in this world,” he said. But no one in his extended family would tell him anything about his mother. “She was like an unknown person,” he said. “Nobody spoke about her; they only had lies to cover up.”

Life was hard. Bongani often didn’t have the right clothes and went without shoes; he found the house very cold.

“Growing up with the negative influence of my friends who motivated me to do what was wrong; drinking, smoking dagga, and becoming a bully at school.

Bongani failed three years at school and his self-confidence plummeted. He felt desperately alone. “I was blaming myself saying, ‘ why am I even living in this world’,” he remembers. “Unforgiveness gripped me for myself, for my mother leaving me to die, for my father passing away when I was a child.

 I had unforgiveness for myself, for my mother leaving me to die, for my father passing away when I was a child.

In 2009, on failing his third set of exams, Bongani was ready to give up on life. But then some friends introduced him to the Lord Jesus.

It was the same friends I went drinking and smoking with, but they invited me to a Bible study,” he said. “When I went there the person who was standing there told me about the love that we get in Christ, and I wondered if a person like me could be loved and cherished. But the speaker said that Jesus loves you as you are.

Right there, Bongani got up and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

I finished my studies, and now I am serving the Lord Jesus with my life. I’ve devoted my life to do His will, even though my family is not saved and even though I still struggle with many things at home. I believe that the Lord is working mightily.”

Because of his faith, Bongani was able to forgive his mother when she returned four years later and told him she was sorry for abandoning him as a baby. “She asked for forgiveness and I forgave her and the following day she passed away,” he said.

It was painful but I have peace and am relieved that the struggle is over.”

Bongani has faced countless difficulties in his life and his faith, but he trusts God for the future. “I challenge you to do the same,” he said, “because if He changed and helped me, He can do it for you too!

He is using his testimony and his faith to serve God as one of the 2017 AE Foxfires in South Africa.

Find out more about our Foxfire program and the amazing young people involved. Watch the video below or view our Foxfire page