Foxfire Youth Program

Setting Youth Ablaze for Christ

The first African Enterprise Foxfire Team was established in 1980 when ten young men and six young women were sent out to the rural areas, townships and schools around Zimbabwe to take the Gospel to the people of their own country.

Mwenje we makava (Shona,) or Operation Foxfire, was originally named after Samson’s act of tying fire to the tails of 300 foxes and setting fields ablaze; a picture of the Holy Spirit setting ablaze the hearts of men and women with the Gospel.

The Foxfire Program Today

Operation Foxfire has grown over the last three decades, training young people in evangelism and setting them lose to spread the fire of the Gospel through their communities. Today, the Foxfires operate through four separate programs in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa. They receive two months of training at the beginning of the year and serve the Lord in fulltime evangelism for the rest of that year, doing outreach programs in schools and colleges, visiting homes, putting on skits and worship programs across the cities of Africa. All in the name of Jesus!

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